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Phillip Saffell presents: The Legacy of the Dead
Volume 1 - The Librarian
The first book of the series takes place in and around the Central Library of downtown Los Angeles (where Phillip happens to spend much of his time) and is based on a true event, a library fire that took place there in 1986. When a British archeologist, who was hired by the mayor of LA to find the treasure of Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) for the library’s collection, returns from Mystic City with a coffin and a strange little box, this triggers an unholy chain of events that puts the whole city on the brink of disaster. The main characters of the book include good-turned-bad sorceress Morgana, Merlin, Vlad Tepes, Satan himself, the actress Barbara Eden, President Bill Clinton, Mayor Richard Riordan, the original Channel 5 news crew, The Destroyer (aka the brother of Jesus Christ), his sister (the female Destroyer), as well as actors Bruce Willis und Denzel Washington in a memorable cameo appearance.
Volume 2 - Cassandra
The second book revolves around the new character Cassandra, Satan’s daughter. It sheds new light on the events of the first book by telling the story from a slightly different perspective, focusing on the building adjacent to the library, the Church of the Open Door, during the time of the same fire. Another new character is archangel Dukata, while most of the cast from the first book reoccurs.
Volume 3 - The Destroyer
The Destroyer is the longest book of the series and a very emotional book. (Phillip: "It got me crying while I was writing it.") It focuses on the family background of The Destroyer, his sister and his brother Jesus Christ and is a story of universal dimensions. In a surprising course of events, it reveals one of God’s rare mistakes and how The Destroyer obtained his impressive set of superpowers.
Volume 4 - Bloodlust
Bloodlust features "an all-star cast" including the new vampire characters Tor, Mira, Angel, Faith, and Sasha. A cheetah plays a role, as well as reoccurring characters The Destroyer, his sister, Cassandra, and Dukata. The story takes place in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, and is based on English myths and three different events that actually occurred there. British royalty, the Windsor paintings, the jet stream and two moons create a worthy setting for this powerful vampire story.
Volume 5 - The Pope – The Vatican Prophecy
The fifth book is based on Peter, the first Pope, and on the curse that he put on his own church, according to the Catholic Bible. The story takes place in ancient Rome right after the ascension of Jesus Christ. The characters include Barlow (aka The Antichrist), Barstow (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger), the little vampire girl Sasha, the Destroyer siblings, Cassandra, Dukata, as well as Morgana in a surprising but short-lived reappearance.
Volume 6 - Revelations
Revelations starts out in the fictional city of Metropolis and later on shifts to such prominent locations as San Francisco, the North Pole and outer space. This time around, The Destroyer and his sister team up with fictional characters Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern and The Flash against the villains Barlow, Mister Mxyzptlk, Lex Luthor and Legion, while Satan "pops back up in this thing, too." The storyline is loosely based on the Book of Revelations from the New Testament. In an unexpected finale, The Flash turns out to be the key to the story.
Volume 7 - The War Begins
In the concluding book of the series, The Destroyer and his siblings travel back to the beginning of all time, as The Destroyer intends to become a creator now. He molds a parallel world after his own ideas and thus changes the events of the future. Highlights include a surprising use for a black hole and the truth about how a famous TV show came about, while the story of the whole universe comes full circle.
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