I listen to many things, I listen to Punk, Grunge, Black Metal, Rock, to all the hard stuff. I really like that kind of music, particularly Black Metal, because one can hear all the instruments clearly, especially the guitar: Sepultura, Soulfly, Drum Input, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Immortal. Besides that I listen to Gnaoua, traditional music from Essaouira.

I like Kurt Cobain even though I think he will go to hell for committing suicide. If someone commits suicide, he will go to hell, because it is not him who decides when he wants to die. It is God who gave us life, it is God who takes our life away.

- You will never die, besides that you will burn, you will...
- In paradise there is everything you want, everything you can imagine. Maybe also women.
- No, not maybe. It’s written in the Koran. You’ll find the prettiest women. You are young eternally.
- The river...
- Yes, always...
- The river of honey.
- ...of honey. And rivers of wine.
- ...of wine.
- ...because it’s forbidden in life. Afterwards you can do anything.

Why is it forbidden to drink? Because it is bad for our health. It causes tensions. It wasn’t forbidden during the time of the genesis of the Islam. It wasn’t forbidden, but people have been praying whilst drunk. They have been asked to stop drinking at least during their times of prayer. But as they continued to entreat God whilst drunk, it became forbidden. I was drunk once in my life, but it wasn’t good. I regret it.

You know, things are crazy here in Morocco. For example, take alcohol. There are shops that sell alcohol. But they say, it is forbidden for us to drink alcohol. But why did they open shops that sell alcohol? You may buy alcohol, but as soon as you leave the shop, it is forbidden. But if your family is rich and all that, you have all the rights on your side.

- The people who stop and watch, they like what we are doing.
- Well, there are several categories: There are the people who like it, those who think, I don’t know… that we waste our time on nothing. There are those who just aren´t interested, and those who are against it. There are some people who don´t know, they consider the unknown as very dangerous, they think…
- ...it’s a waste of time.
- It is normal that they consider it as dangerous.
- Here in Morocco people know only soccer.

- I have my studies here, my parents, they are o.k., “peace”, I don’t have to go to Europe. But for example the poor people, I am talking of the really poor people, they don’t even go to school. Or someone from a not very rich family, who has studied, who has got his diploma and all that, but doesn’t find a job, what is he going to do? He will prefer to emigrate.
- I will do my high school graduation, afterwards I will either go to Marrakech or to Casablanca or to Europe, it depends on the quality of the university. Currently I am tending towards Europe.
- Not for going to Europe but because of the good universities.
- Most people who go to Europe think that they will find paradise over there. This is an error. It is much tougher to live there.
- What I really like in Morocco is that people help each other. Haven’t you noticed that? When I was in France I noticed that everyone lives on his own. My sister has studied there, she has been totally alone. She didn’t have any friends who helped her.
- Everyone on his own, everyone on his own.

We considered you as a friend, for example. You became integrated in our group immediately. You are a friend of ours now. It went very quickly. I can support you if you need some help. It’s in our veins like… like hashish.