My name is Anthony. And it’s gonn’ be… “The Past Education of Sidewalk High.”It’s gonn’ a story from the things that this person learned from his peers. His hero was his peers, the individuals that he’s seen before him in his environment. It’s very hard… it’s very hard looking from the outside instead of being in. It’s very hard.

ME: I’m saying that with the “he” and the fictional thing because I want this to be, you know, like a movie script. But if you feel like, you know, like, telling it in the me perspective is more helpful, you can even switch back and forth, you know. You should just be comfortable, like, telling the story, that’s the main thing, I guess.

Alright. Alright. Alright. Mhhh… Alright. I grew up in a household with… I didn’t have any brothers. Only thing I had was sisters. I went to school… I saw things on the way to school, to elementary. I’ve seen these things, it was always… lit me up. It excited me. By the time I got to Junior High, I had already formed a ideal of a hero, which was the peers that was out there before me when walking to school. And these people hung on corners. I began to learn more from the people of my peers than I would at school. So school became a turnoff to me. I began to learn and pick up the survival skills of what I needed to do to survive, at school. Being that school was the streets.

The way I lived was like a lion, in the streets. The streets became a jungle. The streets was… this here for me, to way to support myself financially, to dress myself, and give myself the excitement. Money, clothes and girls. This began to take on a meaning of leadership. The leadership began by earning the capabilities to be a proof. I was confronted with tasks… challenges, in other words. He began to have these challenges… where he had to become a man. The man was to be shown as fearless. He broke in houses with his friends, and just to see if they would break in a house… to accompany him to… breaking into a house, to see if they were scared or not. That’s how he choose and picked his friends. It became where… it ended up as two other people becoming his friends in this walk of life. They became leaders, as lions. Hungry, but not starving.

They became transporters to… illegal, no… illegal organizing crime. After we fou… after they found out what it was, these three guys… they begin to take their game a little higher. They became to… so much as stop gambling… stop fightin’… but start to… shootin’. It was no more of a fight… physical fight. It was more of a… a injure, do or die. Either you live, or you die.

The money was the master. The money became more powerful than anything you can ever think of and imagine in your life. They became to… selling drugs. All three of ‘em, as brothers. They trusted each other. They trusted each other to where… they invested into cocaine. And this is where it’s… this is starting to get very serious for these three brothers. They came into… investing their money after a robbery. After a robbery… after a robbery, they invested this money into cocaine. In 30 days we branched out, we made 10.000 dollars… I mean, they made 10.000 dollars. Shhh… they made 10.000 dollars in 30 days. They went… they branched out into another city.

I mean, they came as leaders. They left as gorillas. They came into this state. They branched out. They was recruitin’ people. They recruited people put into these dope houses. These dope houses became they mean of support. The money come rollin’ in… from the spots, the different dope houses. It comes all to one house. That one house becomes the fortress. These three brothers became a crew of 40 people. It was 40 people that came up in that crew.

They was… they became to where they was makin’ a hundred thousand dollars a day. They bought they own U-Haul trucks. They caravan to neighborhood… with a car in the front, a car in the back… roughly 35 millions in the back of a U-Haul truck, fully armored. They start buyin’ thing, they start havin’ womens. They started to buy guns to protect they money, protect their manhood. They approached people with respect.

They only did thing called harm to people that was inside the game. The game was the street life. The street life is a survival way of livin’ for the people that’s out there livin’ today. If you have anything, or any notion of what it is to live this way, then you know exactly how a person feel when being stepped on, when being double-crossed or betrayed. Betrayal, when it come… betrayal only come from a woman, double-cross come from a man. A man double-crosses man. Women betray men because of the sweetness, the uniqueness of the soft side of a man… weakness! Double-cross come from the sideness of man. His nature is strength and strongness. It’s double-cross, ‘cause it’s… it’s going against the same thing that it is.

These three brothers… when a person did not come across with they money, even if you was a worker from their… It wasn’t so much of a person that they fronted, or gave something to and they were supposed to give ‘em they money back. It was the same person that worked for them inside their organization where… they shot ‘em. And not to kill you. They shot ‘em in the foot, to get the message across, that this is business. This is not pleasure, and this is not for fun. This is for do or die.

Even with they girl. If she… betrayal… she need her lights to be put out. Because at this time there is no more lion… there is no lion that’s leadin’ over… leadin’ the jungle. It has become the point where this lion has learned that how he gonna lead something that he is. So he become a gorilla, a part of the jungle, part of this lifestyle. Not to lead it, to be of it. And… if a woman comes into this, she get killed too. It’s no love. It’s nothing about love in the game. It’s nothing about love in the world, in that world.

These three brothers stay strong to where… when the feds came for ‘em. They was all captured. They was all captured, gave sentence to. After time as the feds was closin’ in on them, things got haywire. The organization started to collapse where people was doin’ stuff without the approval, the OK to do it. So the feds came in and arrested everybody. When these three brothers got out, everybody had enough money… everybody had enough money, still, to go to school, to live in good nice houses and cars, to buy studios… to live a family life, and to be married.

One brother, he got out, he got back into the game. The other brother went to truck driving school beginning driving trucks. The other brother is… is in the fellowship of narcotics anonymous. The brother that got out and started to sell drugs again and own his studio… uh… backstabbin’ of another friend… he was killed. The other brother, he’s still driving trucks to this day. He livin’ a life with his two boys and his wife, up in the hills. The other brother, the last brother that got struck out on drugs, he livin’ his life in his home with his wife, in recovery.

Who, actor? Oh, these gotta be top notch dog. Uh, huh… We’ll get Fishburne, uh, Denzel Washington… and, um… watch this, and, um… it’s one of them old school dude… Ice Cube! Ice Cube. I’ll go that way. Ice Cube would be the killer. You know what I mean? But a respectable killer, because… it’s like he’s on a leash. Like he’s like a… actually like a rottweiler. Fishburne would be… he would be the person with logical sense, sayin’, looking at it from the whole picture. Denzel would be the blueprint, be the mastermind. And that’s who get killed, though, at the end.

The police should play… long as they stay respectful, they wouldn’t get hurt. But if they got disrespectful, they would… they would get they ass whipped. They would even… and we would even… we would even set ‘em up to where… bring ‘em to a area nearby us, to shoot ‘em up. [laughs] I mean, the people would. They would, the brothers would. [laughs] Watch out, man. [laughs] Man…