See, I have a swarm of… street kids. And it’s me and my… at the time, it was my… husband, at the time. And we had this big humongous family. Well, that would be the plot. And it’d be all… it’d be sex, betrayal, deceit, dishonesty… Let’s see, what else? Lies, truce, half-truce, who’s baby mama, who’s… who’s the daddy? All that, all in one family. [laughs] That’d be the whole plot, the whole movie, everything. It’d be right down here on Skid Row. ‘Cause that’s where the family started, it started here. And now they’re all branched out, and now that mom’s back they’re all coming back in to see mom and check up on mom, which I like. So, yeah. And it’s about 40 kids. [laughs]

My son Ice is writing a book about it. So we’d go off the book. One of my street kids. He’s the oldest, but he’s the favorite one. According to the kids in the family he’s the favorite, but they’re all my favorites. And I have my biological kids in there as well. So it’s like one big family.

He’s gotta go through a lot of… memories. So this is like a memoir, it’d be based on a… autobiography of all of us. Being as a family, a street family. And coming up together and being able to all have our own places. At the end of the movie, the whole family is in one house. Living together in one house, don’t have to worry about Skid Row no more, don’t have to worry about bills no more, and we just, you know, live in one big house. And have… the best Christmas and Thanksgivings together without being down here. ‘Cause this is where we always have our Thanksgiving and Christmas, at the Midnight Mission.

The name of the movie would be… Oh God, I just had it… “Family Soul.” ‘Cause there’s some… lessons that, uh… that needed to be learned with this family. As far as the drama is concerned, put a little suspense into it. It’s like, “Oh, what’s gonna happen next? Is she gonna go with this one? Is she gonna go with that one? Who’s she screwing behind this one’s back?” And everything else. It’s that kind of… how can I put it? That kind of, you know, like, on the edge of your seat kind of thing.

Little gangbanging here, little drug dealing, I mean, it’d have everything in it. I mean, that’s what it would be. It’d be a mixture of all. But there’s gonna be some special effects behind it. Uh, I’ll… you’ve gotta have a good stunt crew, you gotta have good grip, to be able to do that. And I want the best.

LAPD is definitely involved in this family. [laughs] Who come to find out the whole family is nothing but a bunch of felons. We’re felons, so… [laughs] it’s like… you got some goin’ to prison, some getting’ out, some goin’ in, some getting’ out, some getting’ busted, comin’ in and out…

I mean, it’s… LAPD, there’s FBI… ‘cause of my background in the military. You know, there’d be sorrow, there’d be funerals, there’d be… you know, that kind of drama. But there’d also be… there’d be killing and stuff like that. ‘Cause I’ve lost a few of the kids too, due to gunshots, and due to gang-related activity and stuff like that, so… yeah.

Who would play my part? That would be… Sharon Stone! Sharon Stone would play my part, yeah. I would have her play me. My husband would be… Oh Lord, that’s a tough one. It’d have to be Ice Cube. It would. It would have to be Ice Cube. Sharon Stone and Ice Cube, yeah, that would be a great combination. And I’d wanna go on big screen. I don’t want second screen, I want big screen.

You gotta have like, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Glover, Mel Gibson… I mean, a whole bunch of male actors. And the female actors would be Anna Jolie, Angela Bassett, Anjelica Huston, you know, a couple of others. But I would have Miley Cyrus play my 17-year-old. As far as my dad is concerned… as big as he is and as tall as he is… I would have Sean Connery play my dad. The one person who I’d allow to play my mother would have to be Liz Taylor. Yeah, I’d have Liz play my mom.

My older kids, they’re in their late twenties, early thirties. You see, and they would be, you know… Denzel Washington, he can play my ol… my second oldest because of his height. And the way my son Daniel carries himself is the same way Denzel Washington did when he played in “American Gangster.” See? I put my kids with certain actors. And I see how they act to certain things the way they did in their certain movie.

It’s gonna have to be a whole series of movies. And I mean, if I wanted to start… if I wanted to start the movie off right, I’d wanna start off from the beginning… and go through. Not just do it in the middle and go on both sides, nah. Not like they did with Star Wars. Actually, start it out with… little bit of my background, a little bit of my ex-husband’s background, and then bring the family together that way. That would be great. That would… Now that I’m catchin’ the idea… little bit of background here, little bit of background here, and then the whole background of how the family got together, and how we wind up all together again.

I was… in the military for 12 years. So During “Desert Storm,” I was there from August 2nd of 90 to… April 15th of 91? I liked the time in “Desert Storm,” but it was during the time that… when I went down… with my plane goin’ down and stuff like that. That part, I don’t talk about. ‘Cause being a POW, I can’t talk about what they did. A prisoner of war. Yeah, I was a POW, and… I was captured. What they did was unforgivable, but they got theirs comin’. Yeah, I can make a war movie, it’s… six weeks of hell, but yeah, I can. I can make one… I can make so many movies about my life, and what I’ve gone through in my life, it’s amazing.

During the action part, I’d have explosions, guns goin’ off… you know… kaboom! You know, that kinda thing. Aircraft droppin’… droppin’ loads of… you know. I’d make the movie like the Oliver Stone movie, “Platoon.” I would have it like that, but in the desert. And the best place to do it is right there out in Palm Springs. I wouldn’t do it nowhere else but Palm Springs, Hemet, all that area, ‘cause that’d be perfect.

You know, I’d have… you know, the ones that have been in the military movies and… I’d have Chuck Norris, I’d have… well, if he was alive… Bruce Lee! ‘Cause I was stationed in the orient. And I learned a lot over there, learned a lot of martial arts stuff over there. I’d have Jean-Claude Van Damme, ‘cause I’ve been to France. I’d have… Anthony Hopkins, I mean, I’d have a whole slew…

See, I like top-name actors. Those marquee ones, because they’re the ones that have been in the industry the longest. And I would have them do it the exact way it happened, and they’d do it. You know, I wouldn’t have no… there wouldn’t be no problems in filming that movie, there wouldn’t be no problems in doin’ this, doin’ that, you know. They’re credible, they’ve got a reputation, you know. They’ve got a reputation of bein’ the nice guy or the bad guy, or just, you know, bein’ the right type of guy to be able to do that kind of… thing.