My name is Kenneth Ho, and my movie would be, um… ‘bout, you know, street livin’. You know, it should be a drama. I would… say like drama. And I would, you know, I would basically wanna get guys… my guys, and, you know, with the guns, and we would go in there, and we would gonna rob this bank. And then we go on there and rob this bank and lay ‘em, kill everybody up in there. And, um… get the money, go and run out the bank. The police show up, we killin’ them too.

And then, um, we gonna get in our cars and we gonna drive away. And then, hit the corners, and… we go to our little warehouse or spot and… then we start get inside, like, “Yeah, we did it, we did it! We did it, we robbed that motherfuckin’ bank! We killed the police, too!” And, um… the money out… count it, whatever, see how much we got, split it up. You know, and then, say, “Hey, we did this. Let’s go hit another one!” You know, and we gonna go rob another bank.

And, um… we gonna go rob it, gonna do the same thing. And, basically, you know, kinda repeat. It’s like a repeat. We just, we robbin’ banks. Robbin’ banks, killin’ police… you know, we try to be, um… get millions.

And that’s what I’ll do, you know, that’s… I’ll film it. Then we’ll take the… I take the money, whatever, we go buy some drugs, get some women, some hotels, get some Bentleys, some cars, and… just be livin’ life. Not worryin’ about we get caught, all that. You know, while we gonn’ have a big ol’ celebration. You know, party… you know. Uh, you know, just freak with the girls, and, you know, like real reality. Just like street livin’. Sell drugs, too. Sell the drugs.

We do all that, we all have fun, then we’ll rob another bank. We’ll kill up the […], and, you know, run out, kill the police if they come. We got top-flight, uh… weapons. AK’s, and… we got better weapons than the police. We got a rocket launcher. We blow ‘em up. You know, and we gonna have armored vehicles, bullet proof. So they gonn’ have… you know, they cars ain’t gonna be bullet proof. We gonn’ light ‘em up. You know, we gonn’ light ‘em up, and that’s it and that’s all. And we gonna do the job right, when we came prepared to rob these banks.

Got the cars, I got my Hummer cars. And I’m burnin’ rubber, or whatever, I’m burnin’ rubber to get away. Turnin’, drivin’ wild, hittin’ left corners, this corner, we get away. You know, worst come to worst, I’m drivin’… the Hummer through the bank. If I have to come in and, euwww… “Get in the car!” And we go, bam, go out the other window. Just like drivin’ through this building.

They got the ski masks on. You know, we prepared. You know, now then I’ll, you know, I’ll switch up. I’ll, uh, get all women. You know, I’ll be the lead head man. You know, they… I’m the one that’s leadin’ all this, how they gonn’… we gonn’ rob it, how we gonn’ get away. Now I’m switchin’ up, I got all women. And they dress… you got mask on, they dress in bikinis. Lil’ dang showin’, booties… You know, we goin’ in rob the bank and the same thing we gonna do. You know, we gonna rob the bank, police come, we shootin’ them. Get in our cars, we gonna leave, go to our spot, we count the money, split it up whatever… you know, we’ll take a little party again. Hit the beaches, go to the clubs. Now we wearin’ big jewelry, we… girls on our side, you know, and… nice car, Bentleys, Hummers, Rolls Royces. You know, we out there livin’. It’s… it’s a survival.

In the end, I’ll probably… the feds will probably come, investigate. But actually, most people will get away. Probably anybody get arrested, it was probably… me probably, I would say me. ‘Cause I was the head of the… you know, leadin’ in the movie. I was the head guy that was runnin’ the whole thing. I was in charge. You know, but everybody else got away except me. But they just caught me. But everybody else got away. They be like, “Where’s the money at?” “We don’t know.” “And who is he?” They catch… they never see our faces. You know, they… didn’t see my face. But they probably, or maybe they caught me… maybe they watchin’ me. You know, I’m in the club maybe, no mask on, or… and maybe I’ve some feds or whatever followin’ my car. You know, maybe takin’ pictures of my house or whatever. You know, they investigatin’. They investigatin’.

I would actually, um… tell ‘em to proof it. “Proof that I robbed your banks, proof it!” I go to court, you know, they have to proof it. No prints, no nothin’. You know what I mean? No… no guns, no nothin’. They don’t find nothin’. So I would, you know, if they wanna think I did it, they take me to court, they don’t have no evidence, they gotta let me go. You know, I probably go to jail, go to court whatever, and they no evidence, they can’t proof I robbed it, no prints on the vehicles… you know, nothin’ like that, so they gotta let me go.

My, my other guys and… girls that was with my crew, they, them… left town, went to… somewhere else. But they know, you know, I got… I get out, I get on my cell phone. “Hey, where y’all at?” You know, I even know they still might be tryin’ to follow me. Say what… you know, the police might say, “Oh, I think he got somethin’ to do with this.” You know what I mean? “Keep an eye on him!”

Whatever, well, you know, I probably get on a airplane down. A jet, uh, fly up outta there. You know, and stuff like that and… and then, um, go to them, and go to this big ol’ mansion on the island somewhere. They, oh, they partyin’, got Hawaii girls. With the piña colada, you know, and they… partyin’. So everybody, I get there, they take me in the house or whatever, we got all this cash, all that money we took. You know, might be, you know, just spread out.

And then I have, uh, say, “DJ, hit the music!” And start partyin’. You know, dance with the girls… have the… the drinks, you know, the special drink you can get. You know, what’s that drink? The expensive one, it’s, um… the… top-notch drink. Every drink.

Getting’ high in there, smokin’ the weed. You know, poppin’ the x-pills. Drinkin’. Might have a girl and another guy in a room havin’ sex. You know, you might look in this room, and they… getting’ high, snortin’ cocaine. You know, stuff like that, and, um… just… I got this big ol’ mansion with this pool, Jacuzzi. You know, got my dogs outside, rottweilers and shepherds. Electric gate, cameras, you know, and, um… it’d just be so beautiful. You know, just like livin’… livin’ large.

Like run… like I was runnin’ the world. Like I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m runnin’ this. So it’s like… this is like the reality. That’s what I’m doin’, I’m… now I got all this money, so I can do… I’m callin’ the shots. I’m callin’ the shots, so what I say, it goes. You know what I mean?

And that’s how I would do my movie. Based on my lifestyle that I live. I would have, um… Denzel Washington, uh… Ice-T… you know, actors like that, um… may have Steven Seagal. You know, which is a fighter. He kick some ass. You know what I mean? He would… he can whip somebody. You know, stuff like that. You know, and, um… Run… you know, I’ll have Run DMC or somebody, or… drama people, people that, you know, know how to do this. Basically my movie, if I was to name it, I would call it probably, um… “Bank Robbers.” My name would be “Bank Robbers.”