Yeah, the na… the ti… the name of the movie would be, you know… the title of the movie would be, uh, “Strugglin’.” And I would play the, you know, the main actor. I would not have no celebrities, you know, acting, you know, in the movie. It’d be people off the street.

The movie, it’ll be based on the government and the police department trying to close all the missions down in downtown. Okay, all the civilians in downtown L.A. start riotin’ and lootin’. You know, burning things down. Alright, they burn the police to know… Couple of police get killed as far as the lootin’ and riotin’ going on, and then they burn the police station down. Okay? And then it’s a curfew, national guards come, and… it’s just a way out war against civilians and… you know, uh, law enforcements.

After that, uh… we, uh… after all that done, the curfew happens, then another riot take place. They start taking people to jail, they tippin’ over police cars, you know, it’s just… way out. Then, um… the government can’t take it no more, you know, all the lootin’ and law enforcements getting hurt and everything, so, you know… The end of the movie would be based on how the… transients down on Skid Row won downtown L.A. back.

And it’ll be, it’ll be based on, it’ll be a non… it’ll be a violent movie all the way through. You know, and then, after the dust clears over, the government change its mind and let the missions, you know, stay up and running. And then basically the movie will die out and, you know, come to an end. You know, but it’ll be a gang of arrests made, people gettin’ hurt, killed, you know.

People on top of missions, you know, snipin’ the police, you know, throwin’, uh… bombs into they car when they pass by. You know, all type of stuff, it’ll be… it’ll just be a way out… If I had the money, I would… I could make a good movie. I’ll make a real good movie, ‘cause it’s been all in my mind, you know, it’s been all in my head, you know what I’m sayin’? So I would have… I would have graphics, I would… it’ll be… it’ll be a real good movie.

It’ll be a couple of scenes to where… somebody make anonymous call, have the police come on and snipe ‘em. And it’ll be another scene to where somebody, you know, a transient goes into the bathroom… goes into a bathroom… you understand what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause they targetin’… the civilians downtowns is targetin’ all law enforcement. And in a federal building, so somebody goes in a federal building, right? Go in a bathroom, put a bomb up under the toilet, you know what I’m sayin’? Walk out, 10 minutes later, no, excuse me, 20 min… 20 seconds later, the whole federal building go out. You know what I’m saying’? Kinda, you know, it’ll be… downtown would be in a cold out war, you know? They burnin’ stuff down and… it’s… it’ll just be scathe.

Then I’ll throw some scenes in it to where I have some terrorists, you know what I’m sayin’? Like two el… it’ll be like two eleven crashin’ into the buildings. Yeah, I… yeah. I’d make a… That’ll be action-packed, I’d make a good movie off that.

I would be… I would play the leader to where I’m controlling everybody in downtown Los Angeles. Yeah, I’d be the leader. And then they end up taking me to jail, because the police is like, “He’s controlling all the civilians downtown. He’s a threat, so let’s eliminate the problem.” So at the end of the movie, what would happen is… they end up arresting me and then killin’ me. And that’s how the movie would fade out.

It’ll be like, the police, law enforcements, the government, they got the FBI… see, but I’m in hidin’. You understand what I’m sayin’? I’m communicatin’, you know what I’m sayin’, underground to people, but I’m still causin’ ruckus, and I’m not in the civ… vicinity, you understand what I’m sayin’? So they end up gettin’ a tip where I’m at, where I’m hidin’, flush me out, arrest me. You know, they put me in high power into county jail, and I have it to where a couple, uh, I say about a hour later, when they co… no, a couple days later, when they come out to get me for court… you know, to go to court… my throat’ll be slit. You feel what I’m sayin’? And then, that’s when the movie, uh, gradually will end.

That’s a heavy end. I started a gang of ruckus all through the movie, having them blow up federal buildings, police stations… Yes, that’s how… I know in certain movies the star don’t get killed. See, but my movie’s not gonna be based on that. My movie’s based on real life struggle. You understand what I’m sayin’? So the part… that part by me getting killed will have to play a part. I would want it to play… I would want it to happen like that. You understand what I’m sayin’? Yeah, that’s basi… yeah.

So, it’ll, you know… because it’ll… it’ll basically… it’ll basically that people more of understandin’ if it ended like that where I got killed, yeah. Because I was the one who fought to keep the missions op… you know, open and shit, so… it’ll be a little grief, sadness after they killed me, right? But the movie’ll end to where they know that he fought for us to… you know what I’m sayin’? So I’m… I’ll be a hero in the civilians’ eyes downtown. Yeah.

I wouldn’t want no actors playing in the movies… in this movie. I’ll just be straight civilians, real life people off the street. ‘Cause it’ll give the community, you know, uh, inside on what’s goin’ on downtown. You understand what I’m sayin’? I would have drug… I had… I would have drug pushers, everything, prostitute… it’d, it… it’d be good… prostitutes, you know what I’m sayin’, all that.

I would have a movie to where it’ll be… it’ll be a true movie, it’ll be a true story. It’ll… it’ll give… it’ll really, like I said, wake up everybody that stays up in the cities, to let them know how really downtown is being, you know, ran. Yeah, violence… it has to be violence in it, yeah. I would use… I would just use basically all that I have, put everything I have into the movie to make the movie a successful hit. Yeah.