My name is Princess Tucker, and the movie that I’m… I wanna put on is how my life was when I was young growin’ up. I have four brothers and four sisters. Two brothers is dead, and… one sister is dead. My oldest brother, he got killed over his own hat. And my other brother, he got killed over jealousness.

I been through a lot, goin’ through in and out foster home. Hanging around wrong people, get in trouble that go steal things and stuff. Got beaten by […], got my hand splashed inside the door, got cut by bottles and all that, about my baby daddy. Or puttin’ soda in my face and doin’ me, treatin’ me bad, and say, “Oh, I don’t wanna be around you,” and all that. Or getting fish poles and just […] it inside my legs and bleedin’ and all that. And I had got operation for it to got it back normal.

How my family sometimes treat me, they treat me so wrong. And when I was there at them, they like kicks me out, and then they put me back in, then they kicks me out. Slept on the streets and all that, through the rain, through the hurricane. When a hurricane comin’, I mean, the water just flows all the way up, like… you just like, can’t walk through it and all that, in the hurricane.

And my mother, you know… God bless her soul, she up there in heaven. She mess… she messed with this person, and they had AIDS, and they gave it to her, and she died on my birthday. It’s like it been so hard for me when I was young comin’ up. But I just thank the Lord for giving me the strength and… giving me the wisdom that he tells me, “It’s gonn’ be all right.” I had guns point at me, but the guns wouldn’t go off. You know, it’s… I mean… it wouldn’t… it wouldn’t even fire or nothing, I could have been shot dead, stabbed, killed, everything. But he was there for me to keep me safe in his name.

When I was a kid and all that, I was going to school and all. And a man, he’s close to the family, and he just put me behind my school and just trying to rape me. And, but his… it wouldn’t go in, but then the police came and all of that. Then they… they let him go, but they trying to put my brother in jail and all of this. And I went to the court and I said, “No, they let the wrong person go, but they put the… they put my brother in jail and trying to send my brother to prison for, uh, for stuff like that he didn’t do.”

My brother, when he got shot over his own hat, MCS hat, M… MCM hat. And it was some guys, four guys. Three had the hat, but one guy hadn’t had a hat. And he had a little 22. And he told my brother, “Gimme your hat! Gimme your hat!” My brother, he was laughin’, he thought he was just playin’. But they shot ‘em. They shot him in his stomach and the bullet just was travelin’… in his stomach. And he was cryin’. I mean, he was cryin’, it’s like… he was calling for my mama.

I just don’t know what… what to do with my family in all of this. And I don’t know why my sister, them… they treat me so bad. But I know, I… I pray for them. I would show it in a good, positive way. ‘Cause they do stuff, they crazy and everythin’, but it’s also will make you bust out laughing ‘bout what they do. And it’s like… you can’t get enough. You gotta go there to see it, and you’ll have to act it of playin’ like them. And it’d be, you know, they funny, but… it’d be stupid.

My sister Yvonne, my nice ‘n ‘em all of them… they, I mean… they could be, you know, they like… I ain’t be in there for like, a week, right? But when I do come back, “I know you ate my such-and-such!” “How did I eat your such-and-such? I’m not…” They fuss about stuff like this. Or, “I know you touched my this…” “What? I haven’t even been here a few days. But if you want me to do it, where is at, where is at?” I just getting it, open the foil and eat it. [laughs] Stuff like that, they be like… huh… they like, get on your nerves. It’s, they like… I like, tshhh… go out… then I go outside and calm down and then come back in.

You gotta be there to film them and just have a camera there that they don’t know that’s a camera there, and you will see what I’m talking about. It’s like… they don’t… they theyself but they not theyself.

And one day… my sister, right? And my Emmy, but now she down here, she was like… something just, I don’t know, she like this… you know? With a knife talking ‘bout she’s gonna kill herself, she like this… The police say, “Yo, put that knife down, we will shoot you!” And she’s like this… and, you know, I just don’t get it, you know? And we had to jump in front of her to take the knife out of her hands so she can’t do… It’s like it’s crazy, my family is crazy. Especially my older sister. When she get upset or whatever, she cut her couch up, krrrrr… [laughs] And then buy another couch, you know? I don’t, you know? I just don’t get it. My family, it’s like, krrrrr…

It’s just almost like “Soul Food.” Almost. With my family, “Soul Food.” ‘Cause when they get around the table, “Wow! Okay! I’ve known how to come to this Thanksgiving!” [laughs]

And it will… I mean, it will make some money. I mean, it will make some money, ‘cause what they do, I’m telling you. Just have a camera and just film them, and you will see what I’m talking about. You be around them, pfff… Trust me, it’d make some money.

The title I would give to the movie… is… “Princess Family Crazy House.” [laughs] Who would play my part? It’s like… I look like, um… Mo’Nique. The people tell me I look like Mo’Nique in the face. I would love for her to play me and I play her, ‘cause let’s says I might I’d walk down the street, and they say, “You… you Mo’Nique?” I say, “No, I’m not Mo’Nique.” They say, “You would go for her twin, I mean, real good.” I say, “What?”

She would make a good part of me ‘cause when people say something I just turn around and say something to make them laugh. I’m like a joker person. [laughs] And my sister, um… Who would be good playin’ my sister part is… Shantee, something… yo… [laughs] Yeah.