So now you know that interview one is for your eyes only, your ears only, you know. If you erase it or not, I don’t care, you know. Maybe some day you might come to me again and I’ll say, “Well, let’s use it.” You know? Because it is powerful. It’s a testimony, you know?

But my movie would start off like I told you, you know. There’s a… a young child, maybe around 12 years old. A young boy, you know, who is sitting in the back of a car and, uh… the soldier cats’ putting a…. puts a gun in his hand and tells him, “You have to go take care of this for me, my son.” And as he’s doing this he’s going through pictures of his life and how it was, you know? And he’s remembering at a young age, you know, how he used to have to explain to his friends why he had two fathers and one mother. You know? He has to explain to his friends, you know, knowing that his father was gay and… and he’s living with another man in the house, and the mother lives in the same house with them, you know? But he can’t tell his friends that the father’s gay.

But his father’s abusive. And his father comes home and beats him every night, you know. Literally knocks him on the ground and kicks him around, you know? And in his mind he’s thinking, “Well, if I go do this it’s better than having to live that life.” You know? So, um… he goes out and he does what he has to do, he takes care of the business. For the, uh, the big shot of the neighborhood, let’s call it, you know? But this big shot is taking him in and giving him love. Or what he thinks is love, because, you know, he never felt love or he never knew what real love was. All he knew is that love is not getting beat every day. So maybe love is killing people and getting hugged and giving keys to cars and walking around and getting this respect, from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. You know, he’s a… being raised to be a… an enforcer, to be… the money guy. So that this big boss will not get in trouble when the shit comes down. You know? He’s being… he’s being raised to be a scapegoat. Bottom line, you know?

But as time progresses, he’s watching his friends die. Due to the addiction that they’re dealing, the drugs that they’re dealing. Due to the gang warfares, due to the turf warfares. Or, uh… just dying, you know? He has 40 friends he grows up with. And by the time he’s, uh… maybe 19, he lost all of them except five. Behind this, uh, political gang stuff. You know, he goes on in life, and as he progresses, he becomes a father at a young age, you know? The mother disappears, the mother of the child. He’s 15, he has a daughter, and the mother disappears and leaves him with the child. So he’s torn between raising his child and having to be the enforcer of the neighborhood. Having to be the one that has to be there, watching making sure nobody runs off with the dope that they’re fronted. You know, it could be heroine, could be cocaine, you know? Um, could be other things, you know?

He’s out there, you know, and he doesn’t know how to be a father. He doesn’t know how to show love, but he knows he has to care for this child because he’s the only one there, so… he’s torn between having a gun in one hand and carrying a baby with a milk bag, you know? Because he has to have the bottles and the formula to make while he’s out there picking his money up. And this child is growing up watching his father, watching the father do these things but getting much love and much respect from all the people around who are involved in this, you know? As time progresses, you know, he… this child becomes too old for him to raise and the grandmother takes over. But he becomes a father to five other children, you know? He has to eliminate the person that raised him and gave him love and taught him how to be the person he is, because… he got too greedy and he ripped somebody off that they all worked for. So this person comes and tells him, “Listen, this is how it has to be.” He has no other choice but to do it. Once he does that, he goes distraught. Because he hurt the person that he loved the most in life. You know?

But he goes on to raise his other children. But he’s caught up in addiction. And he’s… he’s raising his kids to be… his angels, you know? He’s raising his kids to be something he’s not. So his kids are being raised, but he’s addicted to his drug, because all he sees in life when he’s sober is pain. He sees faces that he’s eliminated, you know? And he’s out there, and he’s… he loses his kids and his family and he becomes homeless. Not because he wants to, but because that’s the only way to get away from everything. He wanders around getting high, you know? So he won’t have to see this, he doesn’t wanna be around where he grew up because he doesn’t wanna be part of that. Amongst his travels, he runs into someone that he put in a wheelchair one time. And he’s scared because he has no gun. All he has is his bag of drugs and his instruments to use ‘em. And being the person that he is, you know, he doesn’t… he may be scared, but his fear doesn’t bother him, so he walks up to the person because it’s late anyways. And instead of this person taking revenge, actually he tells him, “I forgive you, Jesus forgives you.” And with that, he cries with the person. And he feels hope. And he moves on, and this person tells him, “Look. You need to do this, you need to go here, you need to do this.”

And… and he comes to a place, you know. A place where he never thought he would be, you know. He never… he never thought he would wanna clean up, you know. His life was gonna be dying with the drugs, because he didn’t wanna feel it. He didn’t… he was brought up not to talk about it. He was brought up… to be quiet about these things and hold ‘em in. But he comes to a… of all places, you know, the inner city, and hides. He doesn’t even hide, he takes refuge, you know, from himself, in a shelter. And in the shelter he learns how to be a man. He learns how to feel feelings. He learns how to… express himself, you know? And he works on changing himself.

And all this time he’s changing himself, he’s getting to be a real father to his kids, because, you know… he was just a dad, you know. Because a dad is just a dad, anyone can be a dad. But to be a father, you know… you know, has to be a special person, you know, because a father will take you further. And now he understands this. So he’s going to court and he’s trying to get his kids… but he’s getting his kids back little by little. But as he’s doing that he’s working on himself, he’s working on his soul, you know? And at the end… I would end the movie where in the court the judge tells him, “The kids are yours!” You know, that’s where I would end the movie, you know?

I wouldn’t hire too many top name actors to do this, because then it would be just fake, fictitious. I would hire up and coming actors, you know. Maybe just one good actor to bring the crowd in. But I think, uh… I think I would just keep it… simple, you know. Why try to exaggerate it. We wanna put a good story out there, a story that’s real. You know? Based on a true story. So why… why make it fairytale with hiring these expensive actors who are facetious about the prices they charge. You know? To be in a movie, you know?

I don’t even think I would use, what do you say, 15 million dollars for this? Oh no. I would maybe use 3 or 400.000, and the rest I would donate to… to homeboys industries, to the missions here, you know? That’s what I would do with the 15 million, you know? And all proceeds of this go straight to donation. ‘Cause I don’t need money, man. What I need to do… is be myself. The man that I wanna be. And the man I wanna be wouldn’t take the 15 million to exploit things. He would take the 15 million to better everything.

- And it’s based on your own…?
- It’s based on a true story, let’s just put it like that, you know? Let’s keep it like that. Based on a true story, you know? And if push came to shove, then the name would be given on whose story… whose… whose story it really is, you know?

It would be shot on 7th and Ceres down the street, you know? It would be shot on 4th where this mission used to be, ‘cause as a child we remember this mission, you know? Believe it or not, we would come over here on our bikes to eat. You know? And it’s amazing, ‘cause, uh… it would be shot in Olvera Street, it would be shot in Chinatown. On the bottom of Dodger Stadium, you know? It would be shot… behind the county jail, you know? You know? It would… it would be shot in this area, the East L.A. or Northeast L.A. area.

It would always be shot in poverty-stricken neighborhoods… areas, you know? It wouldn’t be shot like… like these movies, like… uh, uh, uh… that little princess movies and things, where they show big beautiful houses. Oh no, I’d show you the dirt. You know? I’d… I’d show you… places where you wouldn’t wanna be. You know? It would be a straight movie, you know? It wouldn’t be something f… fantasy, you know what I mean? Like you see on these movies, you see… Miley Cyrus, oh, always up… you know, up in the air… oh, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. You would see a up-and-coming actress, maybe of Hispanic or African-American descent that could really play the role. You know? Or really come from it, you know? I’d pick… I’d pick one of my homegirls to play the role for women suffering, you know? I might pick a young homeboy to play the part of a person that’s suffering. That could play it from their heart, you know? I wouldn’t hold… a casting, a… a casting scene, you know, with all these fake people coming in, oh no, no. I’d want real people that can feel what the movie’s about, you know.

You know what? I wasn’t much of a movie guy. I’m starting to like movies here. I didn’t have time to go to movies. If I went to movies, I was so… fucked up, or, excuse me… so intoxicated I didn’t see the movie. I’d go to a movie to fuck a girl. Excuse my language…
- It's okay.
- …to, oh… I’d go to a movie to fuck a girl, you know? We’d be in a van, five or six girls, five or six homeboys, everybody with their guns. And we’d be, uh, uh… just having sex, getting high, you know? Getting away, you know? But I didn’t have time to watch movies, you know. I think the last movie I really really enjoyed was “Up in smoke.” And that’s only ‘cause it dealt with drugs. A Cheech and Chong movie, you know?

Like I said, to me most movies… I’m not with ‘em, you know? I’m into documentaries, you know? I’m into reality stuff, I’m not into this fake stuff. I don’t like watching these gangster movies, where they’re flossing these big gold chains and they’re selling drugs and stuff, because you know what? It’s all bullshit. The real motherfucker ain’t gonna do that. You know? And if he is, he’s just a little peon that’s put out there, “Let him be the knucklehead.” Because the true motherfuckers are back here, shhh… You know? They don’t put themselves out there like that. You know?

Movies? My favorite movie right now? My favorite, favorite movie I now, I’ve seen… was that movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Because it let me be a kid that I never was. You know? That’s me, man. I wanna see these children movies, ‘cause I didn’t have no childhood. You know? That’s the movie I liked. And I’ve just seen it the other day. And I said, “Let me see that movie again, I’ll buy the DVD from you.” I don’t even have a DVD player, but I own it. You know? I own it.

- That’s me, man. That’s… that’s what I would do. Bottom line, homes.
- My man.
- You know? That’s it, you know?
- My man.
- I’ve never been a kid. Never in my life, homes. I don’t even know what it is to be a kid. I know what it is to go to a Dodger game. I don’t know what it is to enjoy it. You know? Don’t ask me to play wire balloons with you, because if you hit me, I’mma get your ass.

I used to say, “Fuck what you think!” and I really expressed that, you know? “Fuck what you think! ‘Cause I’m a me, homie. You ain’t got nothing on me.” You know? “And I got it all on you. So I could get you with the snap of a finger.” You could be standing talking to me and you’re gone. You know? And I’ll just be there like this… you know? ‘Cause that’s life, brother. I’ve never been a kid. You know? I’m hoping to see a Harry Potter movies next. You know? I really am, believe me, I am. I wanna see Harry Potter movies, and I wanna see a couple of cartoon movies.

- But my name is Renaldo Rosalez, and I’m a free man today. Because I admitted that I have a problem with drugs and I have a problem with myself.
- Wow. Thanks a lot.
- You’re, ey… you’re welcome. You’re welcome.
- That’s my man right here. That’s my man right here. Y’all… you watch out.
- You know? That’s what I done.
- That’s my man right there. We’re there. That was perfect.