My name is Timothy Kyles, and the name of my movie would be “Blood Island.” I like a lot of, uh, like… horror movies. You know, mostly like movies that… lot of, like, any Friday 13th, uh… you know what I’m saying? Anything with heads chopping off, splashing blood, you know, stuff like that. My kind of movies, you know.

I’d probably put in like… Jamie Foxx. Probably him, Don Cheadle… I mean, Jamie Foxx, Don Cheadle and… and Wesley Snipes. I would find somebody like… somebody with like, uh… this wrestler, he’s called Kane. I’d use him as the killer. He’s a wrestler, his name is Kane. Real tall, kind of white guy, bald headed. This guy, one eye… one of his eyes is kind of messed up, you see. It kind of fits the description, you know… just like a crazy person, you know.

The movie would probably like… I would… I would more than, like I said it, from where, where it’s like, um… well, everybody would be like… kicking off on a trip. And, you know, on a boat… when all of a sudden, you know, the sea get this wave and stuff, the sea started messin’. So we all ended up on the island. You know, stranded there with no one around. You know, well, at least that’s what we think.

You know, until we come to find out that people start coming up missin’. And when we run across ‘em, they… the half chopped off somewhere, we tryin’ to figure out what’s goin’ on. You know, until… until, you know, we run across him, and he’s like standing there. When we see him, he’s like that… some body parts in his mouth, so we already know what’s goin’ on. We right got, like sprintin’ on. You know, because now we see who’s doing all the killing and we know we all gotta try to stick together because ain’t no way off this island. The boat is torn up, so we gotta try to figure how we gonn’ survive, we can try to… at least try to figure how we gonn’ kill him or take him down or something like that. You know, it’s just basically about our… being togetherness.

We’d probably gonna have to try how to figure a way how to, uh… to build a boat or something, you know, some kind of raft or something so, you know… that we can start putting together in order to try to get off this… get off this island. Because we know it’s goin’… So everybody startin’ work together, startin’ chopping down on some trees and stuff like that, big logs, you know, and… tying them together to make sure everything’s secure, you know. That way there’s no water leak or nothin’, to make it big enough for everybody to steer, that someone… we can just, you know, that… I know we gonna be floatin’ in the sea for a while, so you make sure everybody’s got, you know, what they doin’.

If… if we can get out before he can… before he kill anybody else, we might get some… we might make it. But, if… it boils down, you know, if it boils down to… or come… they point him out… For him? Yeah… Because he, now we know we gotta, we can’t… Somebody gonna have… somebody of us is gonna have to stay up for watch because we know he’s out there. With somebody… we gonna have to stay up to watch, so taking turns staying up ‘cause they… if any of us go to sleep somebody ain’t goin’ end up there, so we gotta take turns watching.

So now we gotta make… some boogie dis… some long branches, and kind of sharp ‘em up and make ‘em real pointy and make some lil’… you know, make some weapons out of ‘em so in case he come we at least have something to… to try to protect us with. You know, it probably won’t do nothin’, but you know, in the sense of it might just work a little bit. You know, but… I mean, you know, uh… we gonn’, prepare, then we stay just try to figure out what’s… what… you know, what kind of… man is he or what’s… what’s… you know what I’m sayin’?

Where he come from and how long he been here and why, the reason why he’s doin’ it. ‘Cause he probably end up staying on this island and… and came through the same thing and just went delirious and… start eatin’ up the… and start eatin’ up people. He was there with… now he just gotta can’t do it, so he just wanted… he just become a cannibal and wanted doin’ nothin’, you know what I’m s… Just, you know, just to do, because… ain’t no life on there, you know what I’m sayin’? Ain’t no animals running around because he probably killed all of them, too. You know, so… we gotta try… we got… we gotta try to figure a way to stay up and try to survive. You know, ‘til we get this raft that we gonna build together to get… try to get up off this island. Well, in the meantime, we can’t get it before that, then we gonna have to try to figure a way to kill him.

You know, it’s gonna be hard, because, you know, bein’… he’s bein’, that he’s about si… you know, about s… at least about seven foot, you know. And being kind of tall and… you know, he’s big kind of muscle type guy, it’s gonn’ be kind of hard, you know, we… we gonn’ have to… Them lil’ sticks isn’t gonn’ no work, we gonn’ have to make something more elaxible, strong, whether like… you know, say something that real like… bigger sticks or something, to make it like a real pointy sword or something, uh, uh, uh… spear or something that’s gonn’ get him… Just all of us tryin’ to wrestle ain’t gonna do it, so we gotta try to make… you know, make shift of what we got.

Just… you know, we just sit there and talk about it. And everybody has agreed to it that, you know, if… we agree to do it, then, you know what I’m saying, so be it. If we die then it’s okay. At least you know we all agreed upon that we were all gonn’ do this, you know what I’m saying. And, let’s say, we all take off and go try to find him. And, you know, throughout the course somebody else dies, because he’s looking at us at all time anyway. You know, and… furthermore, once we get to walking, somebody, like I said, somebody else dies, and… now we rush over there tryin’ to find out where… where he went. And now we see, now we find, uh… we see the blood, just… hanging on, the blood spot, just hanging on the leaf where he draggin’ ‘em. So now we just… we follow him, follow the blood on the leaf to track him down that way.

And once we get there… once we… once we get there, we… we end up finding out that it’s a cave where he been stayin’. And now we goin’… have to go through this cave tryin’ to find him. Once… as we going through it’s dark, and now… we gotta have some light. So… as we going through we see a lot of bones, a lot of human bones, human remains. So… now we startin’ to get scared. Some people wanna turn back and some people don’t. You know, sayin’, we gotta talk to these people that… the ones that wanna turn back, we gotta talk to them like, you know, “We made this promise that we were gonn’ do this.” So, you know what I’m saying, so everybody had to stick to it, so now… we going through this cave, now… we tryin’ to figure out where we… where he’s at, but… due to that… all this flesh that’s in there we can just about tell where it’s coming from, because, you know, it’s fresh flesh. You can… you know, like, dead body or something, you know exactly, uh… that part of the way.

But as I said, it’s dark. You know, we got a few torches, but… this is where he live at, so he can be anywhere around, and we don’t know, we just… you know, everybody is tryin’ to stick together closed in, you know. Somebody in the back with a torch, and somebody in the front with a torch, so… if he happen to grab us, it might either be the back or the… or the front, you know, to take out the lights, so…

And hopefully that… that we find several thing, you know, if… whatever somebody else didn’t had before us, like we find some little breakfast or somethin’ that some people had… we go find them to use and therefore we have to use, you know. Any little… any little knife or little blade or somethin’ just gonn’ help us to, you know, to try to take this monster down little by little, you know.

If we gotta just break his legs or somethin’, bring him down to his knees, and then, you know, put a rope around his neck or somethin’ and choke him, but, you know… We all, we… we tryin’ to get up some… some idea on the way, you know. You know, “Maybe if you grab him and, uh… you know, get him down and break his legs and you choke him, then I might hit him with a brick or something on the head and make sure he’s, you know…” [laughs] “You know, make sure he’s out and then we just… kinda like tie him up and make sure and then, if he… if he wakes back up we stab him, stick him in his heart and, you know, we’ll know he’s dead or somethin’, or just slit his throat, you know, or just, you know… or, you know, we just, uh… how about just take a big old brick and just splash his brain or somethin’ like that.” You know, it’s just ideas that we thinking of before we get there, because we gonn’ have to have… we know we gonna have to have a strategy and mapped out when we do run across him. You know, that way… that way everybody know what they supposed to do instead of when they get there and some people take off and running.

Right about now I think I wanna run away with everybody else, so if, you know, but… we made a vow to come and take care of this, so… Everything I said, we know everybody agreed, we just goin’ to go to battle, so… If he start chargin’, we just gonn’ have to pick up some what we got and… pick up a stone or a rock or somethin’ and hit him tryin’ to slow him down or somethin’, you know, uh… try to… have a person over here, a person over there, so if he come, they have a rope, and might… If he’s trippin’, then we got the best of him, you know what I’m saying, ‘cause if he fall, then we… you know, then… we can, uh, somehow we can get him and, you know, maybe chop his head off or somethin’ like that, or just, you know, may… if he fall… Or maybe have some… some kind of spikes or somethin’, just… dug down in the ground. If he fall he just catch it on like this. You know, uh… uh, you know what I’m saying, from here on there, then he catch one in the head… and hopefully, that he does that. You know, if he get off on that then, um… uh, we gonn’ have to… we gonn’ have to try somethin’ else, you know. Maybe tryin’… [laughs] Maybe try like somewhere… The second time you might have somebody with a net or somethin’ come by, you know… you might have somebody with a net they might drop on ‘em, to see if we can tie him up or what… you know what I’m saying, tie him up and just, like… hopefully and leave him there. Maybe if… and see how he act, you know. Sayin’ maybe, find one… find a couple of sticks or somethin’ and… and just beat him right… right in the net, tied up tryin’ to struggle to get out, you know.

Everybody got a stick in their hand, we just start to workin’ on ‘em, workin’ on ‘em… workin’ on ‘em, so, you know, we… I would just tell ‘em, you know, “Anything touch your hand, just use it.” You know what I’m saying? “Some got to work, some got to work.” And, uh, you know… we would have to figure out to do somethin’, if it take that much then we gotta beat ‘em do… beat ‘em down to… to he just can’t move, but figure if we break both his legs, he ain’t really too much he can do… really too much he can do, too much walking. And then, probably like, uh… maybe break his arms on top of that, and… you know, he’s, uh… he’s about… he probably just die within… within the pain, because broken legs, broken arms, ain’t really too much more he can do. Unless he can, you know… only thing he probably left, he might just end up eatin’ his own self.

Once we find out he’s dead, then we just go back to where we was… where we started off with this making this… making this raft. And making sure there is no leaks and nothin’ in it, so when we do hit the water, it just float without no… you know what I’m saying, with no leaks, then we have nothing to worry about. So we have to put this together real tight and… you know what I’m saying, with the… with some… [yawns] huh… make it real tight, and, um…

But then there comes this storm that things got put us on hold because it’s raining so hard, now we gotta try to find… now we gotta try to think of how to… build a shelter so we can’t get wet. The only one, the only place so you won’t hear about it like where… the only place we know that’s… that’s, we can’t get wet is the cave. And now, don’t too many people want to go back there, you know, because they know he’s still there. So what we got to do now is tryin’ to figure out how to stay from getting’ wet. So, eventually… [yawns] everybody… end up going back up in the cave. You know, just until it stop raining. We know he still there, we still there, so what we do, we go check. We go down and… we go back to… remember where he was and check. Now he’s still there, you know, still there, but… we just tryin’ to make sure, because if we had to stay in this cave over night, we just gotta make sure, so… basically, what we do is, we stay close enough to where we… where we can see him, to make sure he’s not moving, or… you know, we just where he’s at.

You know, so… as we there during the night, you know, as the fire building, we still actually like keepin’ a check on him, and, um… you know, we… we’s discussin’ on… we discussin’ on how we gonna get off this island, getting back home to the family, and we miss our family love, you know what I’m saying? I miss my… you know what I’m saying? Everybody miss they wives, they home, the kids and this and that. And it’s talk about how great it’s gonna be to be getting off this island, and… “Wish I never took this trip from the beginning, because my so and so talked me out of it but I wanted to go anyway, and… if I had just listened I’d have been at home, but no, I was stubborn…” You know, that’s how they… But, the good thing about it, we all know… we all know that… that just… this raft that we buildin’ is gonna work for us, so…

Wake up in the morning, ain’t no sun, uh, I mean, it’s kinda… it’s not raining. So what we do, we go back out and try to, you know, cut down some more trees and try to make this raft. And try to make it strong enough, and wide enough. We gonn’ have to try to find some fruit or anything around to put… that we have somethin’ to… while we sailing off, ‘cause, you know, to keep from gettin’ hungry. So we… we try to search around tryin’ to find any kind of fruit or somethin’. You know, any… anything worth eatable while we driving ‘cause we know it’s gonn’… might be a long… it might be a long raft ‘fore we hit any land or ‘fore any… anybody come out this way to see us. So, you know, it’s… we gotta be prepared. And can try to conserve it to… conserve it to a certain point where everybody have to, like, eat a certain amount, because we know we got a long journey. He ain’t… we don’t wanna dispose of all the food all at once and then still be looking craving after it’s gone. So, you know, we gotta make sure we got enough, and then we gotta eat lightly, you know what I’m saying? We eat lightly, under, even though… we eat very lightly, you still be hungry, you just gonn’ have to hold on. You know what I’m saying? Because that’s… we… to the point, that’s all we got, and we just got to deal with it.

Then, you know, when we give it a go… they make the last lit… last little walk, go back to the cave and see how he been… you know what I’m saying, to see if he still livin’ or dead. When now, we check now, see he’s dead now, so we feel a lot better… feel a lot better knowing that we will give it a go, we ain’t got to worry about him no more.

Off with the raft we go. You know, uh… and it’s just like… it’s like everybody, we just on a journey. You just… you… you on a wide open sea. You really don’t know how far the next land gonn’ be. When the sea was goin’ all wild, you couldn’t figure out where… which direction you are goin’ anyway, so you… whatever course we was on, we got knocked off of it. And end up on somewhere out of… way out of somewhere else. You know, so it’s just basically like, just set a course. You got the little ol’, you know… wherever it’s pointin’ that’s the way we goin’. You know, that’s about all we can do, just… you know, get the little paddle on… somebody paddle… you know, got the other thing, if the wind blowin’, then we just… just let it drift on.